HEXPODS Reimagine Science Learning


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The last twenty years of advancement in technology are not well represented in most
science kits available today. While they can still teach important concepts, the format
makes them less engaging and less desirable than many other recreational activities. We
created Hexpods to incorporate interactive learning with the timeless satisfaction of
making things in the real world.

Each Hexpod is a set of themed experiments with an interactive digital assistant to guide
learning and discovery. A dynamic tablet application hosts the assistant while serving as a
virtual laboratory, lab notebook, and entertainment center. A child can easily add new kits
from the home screen by scanning the “KitCode” featured on each package. The app uses
the child’s kit inventory and progress to customize material. A separate app for parents
keeps them updated on their child’s progress and provides additional resources for
continuing education. Kits can be ordered individually or as part of a sequence. New kits
are recommended to parents based on the educational goals for their child and the child’s
performance in other kits.

Hexpods is a framework for science education, not a limited set of experiments in a box.
The core app is extensible and content agnostic, allowing it to easily support different
subjects. The kit design is modular and highly scalable. Every piece in a Hexpod, down to
the box it comes in, is engineered to be both useful and interesting

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